Peer Review – October 27th

While working on my own digital artefact, other people have been developing theirs in unique and interesting ways, and offering support and engagement to theirs is important for them to grow and expand. It’s been really exciting to see their development and expansion and I left some comments on projects I’ve been following since their pitch.

Aliah’s fashion-inspired Tik-Tok work is really creative and awesome to watch. As someone who isn’t in that field, I do enjoy watching and I think there is so much potential to make the creative video content that Aliah profitable and expansive into helping businesses that she is using to make her content.

Julia’s music-related podcast is a really awesome place to listen and engage with two young females who are excited and eager to speak about something they are so passionate about. I was interviewed about Smash The Silence for one of their episodes and it was a great experience and they were very professional and I want to see them grow their viewership because they deserve it with their niche.

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