For the past two months, the Smash The Silence program moved to a fully online format. The events are usually taken place in person to a crowd, however with the COVID-19 outbreak, the program has been filmed with safety precautions to ensure the safety of our attendees.

The move to online has been really successful for the program as a whole. I have never interacted with the potential of social media to grow Smash The Silence the way that I know it could, and now having hours of footage and information about mental health and young musicians, I can continue to create micro-content that can continue this growth.

It has seen the program be nominated and win the WayAhead Mental Health Matters Youth Award, which is a massive honour to be shown that level of appreciation for the work I have done.

We had 10 weeks of content and lots of personal interviews that were conducted with professionals from headspace and Traxside Youth Health Service co-ordinate, which meant that every person who participated was safe and protected due to the subject matter.

We also had a broad range of musicians, from bands to solo acts, both male and female. These people were compensated for their time and they were also interviewed to give some mental health tips.

To watch the series that was concluded, check out the YouTube channel here.

The plan to continue the growth of Smash The Silence is to start up a podcast where it is videos with myself and with people about mental health, music and wellbeing. I believe that long-form content like this would be really good for promoting the program and expanding the resources I can provide.

To support all of the Smash The Silence platforms, click here.

Here are the live performances.
Here are the interviews about mental health journeys.

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