BCM313 Presentation – About my conversation with Charishma Kaliyanda

This presentation is about my interview with Charishma Kaliyanda, who is the Community Engagement & Development Officer at headspace Campbelltown. I have been working really closely with her over the past 8 months with my organisation, Smash The Silence. I have been conducting interviews for my program and with her help to form the questions, we have been able to talk about the future of work, her field and ultimately in this presentation, I share what I was able to learn from her and her work.

I really love and care for the youth mental health space and I am extremely passionate to ensure that people are supported and feel in touch with themselves and services. With working with Charishma, I have picked up so much information and tips and have had conversations that have benefited us both. She has become a mentor in a way and being able to talk about it in a presentation format is really exciting to me.

When writing the main points for this presentation, I reflected on conversations that have ultimately impacted the work that I do and have revealed to me information that I can take and use in my future field. Being a communications and media student, social media is a space that I am constantly learning, and with outside qualifications in mental health, music production, I am able to strengthen my skillset for not only the future of mental health support networks, but my own future in whatever job I obtain.

This video is very simple and involves lots of reflection, however, I feel like when speaking to a mentor, they are there to give you the push to create your own ideas and thoughts, and expand on the incredible work they do that you want to accomplish.

For more information about the Youth Reference Group, follow here: https://headspace.org.au/about-us/headspace-youth-national-reference-group/

For more information about Smash The Silence, follow here: https://linktr.ee/smashthesilence

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