Smash The Silence – AUGUST 29th.

Smash The Silence has been a four-year journey for me that I can say I loved every moment of it. However, I can honestly say this year has been one of the toughest. COVID-19, like for everyone, has been one of the most bizarre things to hit the music industry. It has caused concern for many musicians wages, their certainty of employment and the value of live performance.

It has also changed the landscape of how we perceive our mental health. Smash The Silence was made for mental health awareness for youth, helping create a safe space for people to express and understand their emotions with the power of music, and in a time where youth employment, social situations and education has been changed, there is a lot of talking that needs to take place.

Smash The Silence is an awareness event that has local young musicians aged between 15-24 to perform for awareness of speaking out for mental health, and has been supported by Camden Council and Headspace for the past 2 years. It all started as a small community service project I started in 2016 as a part of Max Potential, a youth mentorship program.

Currently, the program has moved fully online. It consists of 10 live musicians performing on Friday nights, premiered on Camden Council’s Facebook page to their 27,000+ audience, followed by 10 brave young individuals sharing their mental health journeys on Sundays. All filming, editing and coordination of these events are conducted by myself and it has been a massive learning experience.

I had no previous experience in videography or video editing before, however, my knowledge of sound engineering and event coordination has really helped me put this online program together at the best of my ability. As writing this, we are 5 weeks into the online program, which as hosted some awesome live performances and inspirational interviews, which are all on our YouTube page.

The program has been great to run and building an online presence has been awesome. So far, all of the videos have gathered over 150,000+ video views on Camden Council’s Facebook page, and our Smash The Silence page has gone from 80+ likes to over 500+.

The program continues to grow, and I am considering the concept of adding a podcast to the program to help get more conversations about mental health out and accessible to a young audience.

Check out our socials and stay tuned. You’re not alone.

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