At university, including my own digital media project Smash The Silence, it’s great to get feedback from your peers to advance and help make your project better for your intended audiences. I commented on two great project ideas and gave some of my advice to see them grow and expand to their full capacity.

Aliah’s idea is on a very new, but viral platform that is doing extremely well and has seen young people soar to new occupational heights. Aliah has taken her passion in fashion and applying that to the platform to not only help get her passion out there, but establish her interest publicly for viral connection. I suggested Tik Tok as a platform being the only platform may not be the best way for her to interact with the audiences she is seeking, so I included to other platforms, YouTube and Reddit, as these sites will help reach audiences that are specific to her fashion genre.

Julia’s pitch is from a previous BCM digital artefact that I really enjoyed in its previous form, and I am glad she is using this opportunity to rebrand and create the content she is interested in with Anthea. Music in the past few years has become more accessible for both creator and listener, as now there are more musicians creating and releasing music from their bedrooms, and people finding music online through streaming services. This podcast can discuss music that is unique to their taste and fanbase, and will be a great place to discuss music that is contemporary and labeled as upcoming. I recommended episodes based on suggestions from audiences, and allowing a space for discussion by letting the audience know about the topic of that week, to create that engagement that I get from other podcasts I enjoy such as The Needle Drop.

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