Live Tweeting – Part Two.

Week 6 – Ghost In The Shell (1995).

Ghost In The Shell was an incredibly immerse film with a unique universe that was easy to lose yourself in. I captured a lot of my thoughts on the films techniques and how they compliment the future environment the story takes place in.

Week 7 – The Matrix (1999).

The Matrix is a film that feels like a giant conspiracy theory, I found myself getting lost in the action and the plot that I struggled to keep tweeting, however I made comments of questions I asked myself when considering the possibility of this universe.

Week 8 – Robot and Frank (2012).

I really loved this film, it had the heart that films similar such as Her have, which is something I have a major soft spot for. There is something about the idea that we possess the ability to use technology to help us in so many ways, especially emotionally.

Week 9 – Blade Runner 2049 (2017).

I am a massive Blade Runner fan, so I enjoyed the rewatch by opening discussion of thoughts I had with people on Twitter, and by making jokes that referred back to our (bizarre) context.

Week 10 – Ready Player One (2018).

Ready Player One was not like anything I had ever seen before – it was almost like a collage of popular culture, while still having a really interesting story and characters to care about. It used these pop-culture references to convey different ideas on things in our content such as VR, gaming and online dating, so I used my Twitter feed to discuss these with my peers.

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