Commenting on Digital Artefact Betas – Part Two.

In this course, helping our classmates understand their digital artefacts better by how they are perceived with comments is really important for its completion. The beta stage is the midway point of where we are in the process of forming our digital artefact and understanding the initial response. Here are some of the comments I left on digital artefacts I have followed since their pitch.

Nicole’s podcast was very interesting and very open in regards to sharing with us how she was struggling with connecting with an audience, and with following her final schedule. I gave her some supportive feedback and encouraged her to continue despite her struggles.

Emma’s podcast was very interesting to listen to and despite being a topic that I wouldn’t consider myself identifying as a target audience, I genuinely felt intrigued as it was conversational, open discussion and enjoyable. I gave the suggestion of a live episode as many podcasts are heading in that direction, and as the episodes are recorded online, it would be great to share that with an audience.

Taylor mentioned she was struggling to find an audience that would be interested in her DA, however she had reflected on that within her post by discussing places like Reddit for engagement in the future with specific audiences.

Mitch’s Beta.

Mitch’s beta was very much about accepting his situation and understanding that he would not be able to meet the standard he had set himself in his pitch. I completely related to how he felt, especially comparing it to my own experience, so I was able to give him support with my comment. His content about podcasting is interesting.

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