Yu-Gi-Oh-My-Childhood. A project beta.

The progress of this project is on its way. I’m pretty excited.

I began analysis of Yu-Gi-Oh, making sure that for the project that it will be accompanied with clear explanation for audiences with little to no understanding, to ensure that the video I creates clear understanding.

It was while I was thinking about the cards and googling them, I decided to do some digging into my possessions to try and find my old cards, which would hopefully provoke some inspiration for this project and –

There they there, my old ‘deck’. That would be in my hand every recess and lunch time. So many memories made with them and I am able to add a different element to my research.

This made me rethink the format of my project – I want to create a video essay. I believe that a blog post would be excellent in being able to give information and accurate referencing, however I realised in addition to analysing the archaeology of the game, I can interview two individuals I know personally.

One of my first childhood friends, I often talk to him about our memories and experiences of the game and make jokes in reference to characters and the TV show. This will help support my analysis of the theme and game setting. It will also bring back my emotional connection which I established I wanted to explore in my pitch.

Additionally, a young adult I know who competes in Yu-Gi-Oh competitions. I never competed and was only ever playing with friends, so I will also interview the young adult to get an understanding of how the game impacts people with its mechanics, its fandom and the general competitive nature.

I am now currently setting up calls with these people that I can record and use for my video essay, and writing a script that I will be film and record. This will be really starting to shape towards the end of May as there is obviously a lot of work currently that I will schedule a time I can commit to.

P.S. The photos were taken with my first ever camera, kinda adds to the childhood quality a bit, don’t you think?

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