Group Game Design Project – Aliens in the White House.

For #bcm300, I have been working in a group with Hayden Curley, Aliah Walton, Isaac Allen and Nicole Papadimas to design a unique game experience. We have been collaborating using Zoom and Discord to brainstorm, share ideas and create a potential game experience that could be marketed.

We began this collaboration with these calls and discussing games that we could take inspiration from, including mechanics, storyline and the overall player experience. We then all chose to go in depth and research aspects about these games to bring back to the group to develop our overall project.

I looked into The Resistance: Avalon, and its use of social deduction to eliminate players in the game to get to a winner. In Avalon, all the players are aware of their roles, and each have unique abilities that give them advantages, disadvantages and aims to succeed in the gameplay.

The premise for our game.

We adopted this in our game, using the evil being the extraterrestrial characters, and the good being those in the ‘White House’. The overall goal of protecting an individual in power.

Using inspiration from other games such as Love Letter, Cluedo, Werewolf and Monopoly, the game is unique in its experience, while remaining familiar in accessibility.

This is the game mat, designed by Isaac Allen, in collaboration with the group of a Zoom call.

I also have been allocated looking into the pricing, the publishing and forming a comparison of our game to the current exisiting market. I will have this research completed and compiled into the presentation and into a script that I will read.

These are the sections in our presentation and the parts allocated to each individual in the group.

Additionally, I am helping edit and put together the prerecorded presentation to be shared with my class. Everyone will record their parts and during a collaborative Zoom call, they will be able to help put it all together.

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