Smash the Silence – DA BETA.

Here is an update on where I am up to on my digital artefact.

I changed the idea for the project that I am working on – it is now ‘Up Close (From a Distance), a video series where I interview creatives about their art, mental health and showcase their original material, in a smaller format that can be accessed on Instagram and Facebook.

While there is still a massive workload, I believe I am now in the best position to effectively create great content to relieve some tensions during these testing times. The podcast idea was something I wanted in a smaller in person space, which was formed just before restrictions became very intense, so with this format, I will be able to produce still good quality, while being safe, responsible and accessible.

If you know any musicians, comment below or feel free to contact me directly, I would love to get in touch and help inspire people creatively and emotionally.


  1. Hey Isaac,

    I think you’ve managed to turn your initial idea right around and narrow it down to a more achievable goal – which is great to see!

    I believe Instagram and Facebook are both great platforms for your DA and will allow for a high level of creativity and engagement.

    I’m curious as to how you will go about presenting your DA. Will your interviews be posted to both platforms and will each platform have its own purpose? Or will you curate a variety of images and videos from the artist and share an interview in the captions? I feel as though you could have used the remaining 2 minutes of your Beta to dive a little deeper into what your new DA will look like.
    One suggestion I have is that you have a weekly theme you focus on in your interviews, looking into one aspect of mental health that you mentioned and have each week involve a new main theme.

    If you’re looking to run live videos on Instagram which I believe could work well for your DA, this is a video sharing insight into how to run an Instagram live interview.

    Good luck, I look forward to seeing what you create! 🙂


  2. Hey Isaac!
    You’ve made a super interesting choice for your DA and I am glad to see that despite having to change your idea, you’ve come back around!

    Firstly, I just want to say I really enjoyed your beta video, the video and sound quality was exceptional and I liked the little cut to you researching in the middle there. My only comment was that personally I found the music just slightly too loud and a bit distracting from what you were saying but that could be just me.

    Other than that, it seems like a great concept and it’s nice seeing people tackle mental health and talk openly about it, especially in the time we are in, I know a lot of people are struggling more than usual, or the change has lead many to unfortunately experience new levels of anxiety and depression. There is a podcast called Mental Illness Happy Hour which has a similar feel to what you have described as your future plan. They similarly sit down and talk to comedians, artists and sometimes doctors and it is definitely worth checking out to inspire some ideas of your own;

    One concern I have with your DA is how you plan to incorporate the future aspect as you didn’t outline any areas you plan to cover in your beta. If you are unsure of what you should look into, Victoria has released a 10 year mental health plan to help not only people with mental health problems but also their families; This could be something you bring up with your guests and get their opinions as to how Australia as a nation, can become better adjusted to those dealing with mental health.

    You could also look at government statistics such as this; to see which age groups are most effected by mental health and how this will look as the years go by in order to make suggestions about what can be done in our future.

    I really look forward to seeing your DA and will be staying tuned!!


  3. Hey Isaac,

    I think you’ve made a good idea to shift your idea a bit. I’m interested to see what kind of response you get from creatives themselves as mental health isn’t something a lot of people are really open in talking about. I think your project could have a great positive impact on the community and those struggling with mental health, but it may be a bit of a challenge to find willing interview subjects.
    For a previous journalism subject I made a website on which I interviewed some local musicians ( so if you want any help or contacts or anything let me know!
    I look forward to seeing how your project turns out


  4. Issac, I definitely understand the struggles of having your DA not go to plan due to covid. I really like how you have chosen to deal with this in your change in direction. I think that this new idea is more relevant during covid and that people need this kind of media now more than ever. Furthermore, you will probably gain a larger audience during covid as a lot of us are going stir crazy, and in need of media. Not only is your project entertainment media, but it is constructive and helpful media.

    I’m not sure if this would be of help, but there is a local Wollongong band called Lizzie Jack and the Beanstalks. For a project with the Shellharbour City Council they contributed in a challenge where people had to” make a music video of your [covid] experience to a popular song that in no way relates to COVID-19, but could be interpreted as being so.” They created a music video to their song ‘Shiraz Mouth,’ they “had written this song Shiraz Mouth pre-pandemic but realised the relevance of it & created a music clip to go with it!” Might be an interesting lead/angle for an interview. Let me know if this link doesn’t work and you’re interested in seeing it.


  5. Hey Isaac,

    I had initially decided on doing a podcast too, but due to everything going on at the moment, I found it a bit too difficult to create some proper content in a podcast format. I decided to change up completely and do blog posts instead, so I can relate to the headaches that come with realising you’ve bitten off a bit more than you can chew, as well as the universe throwing a wrench in your plans in the form of a pandemic.

    I really like the topic you’ve chosen for your artefact, and I think it’s one that lots of people will find a use for. I reckon a good idea would be to ask any artists you talk to about art that has helped them cope with tough times in their life, be it a book, an record, a podcast, or anything. You could compile a pretty cool list of works of art that others might find useful if they find themselves struggling.

    I don’t know if you’re aware of its existence, but perhaps you could check out . They’re an organisation focussed on helping out musicians doing it rough, and they might be a great resource on finding people who you could talk to.

    Good luck with it all.!


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