Yu-Gi-Oh-My-Childhood. A project pitch.

When deciding on an individual game project, I looked at games I have had lots of personal experience with. I’ve also been thinking about my childhood a bit lately. I turned 21 a few months ago, and I know that sounds very young still, it’s long enough to remember a time where responsibilities weren’t at the forefront of my existence. I can remember a time where I was fully invested in my future, but rather a certain game.

My project for this course will be looking and analysing Yu-Gi-Oh, a game from my childhood, and understanding it’s archaeology. It was a Japanese-English adapted mass market game with overall general rules and mechanics, however customisable variables on various cards, with different abilities, strengths and weaknesses.

I plan to look at this in an analytical blog post, using a mixture of video content. I will be able to look at the following in these:

  • Theme and setting – derived from the manga, TV series and the illustrations.
  • Game mechanics – the cards, the abilities, the rules, and how that impacted the game experience.
  • The partnership between those – how the game, the brand and the fanbase all influence how the game works.

This project is really interesting to me as I have a lot personal reflection I can add to talk about how this game has been involved in my younger years, and also discuss the game from an analytical standpoint, all based around the gaming experience.

My research has come in two forms. One is in the form of reminding myself of what I was like as a child – I was an only child until the age of six, when I was definitely playing by that time. I would play at school with friends, some of which we joke about our ‘duels’ to this day. It was when my sister was born that I forced a two-year old, with my imagination to play against myself. I was a bit annoying.

The other research is reminding myself about the games mechanics, the games theme & setting, and looking at how people interact with the game now, especially since I have not played in a while. I also found a great video essay about how card games can break, which was an interesting perspective for me to note.

I plan to start structuring the blog post over the next 2 weeks, and have a rough draft all written in 4 weeks time. This will be hopefully an interesting analysis for readers, as I will really enjoy creating this blog post.

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