Live Tweeting – Part One.

For the Future Cultures subject, we have been watching and analysing films during the initial viewing, meaning we can discuss our thoughts, analysis, facts and general discussion about these films. The films we have viewed all discuss theories of a fiction-future, based from the context in which the film has been made and as a general statement of future cultures.

Week 1 – Metropolis (1927).

I started off with a meme, acknowledging the situation while also taking the image from my research into the making of this film. A lot of my analysis was based on humour and taking the film into today’s context.

I find in hindsight and throughout the course, I have very much been able to develop a better skill of analysis of films and what they are trying to say, rather than trying to use humour as much analysis. As difficult as Metropolis was in my first viewing, I can appreciate it more now.

Week 2 – 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968).

I did continue make jokes about the film applied to today’s content, however I began to find analysis while understanding some film techniques that made this film as striking as it was.

I thought a better way to talk about the film with other people and encourage analysis was to set up a point that I observed during my viewing.

Although, I still did find adapting the film and creating memes to still be a way for me to be engaged.

Week 3 – Westworld (1973).

This was the first film viewed in the COVID-19 environment. It was a challenge to watch the film at home in terms of getting settled in the subject, however I found my focus to be drawn to the film and being able to focus on what it is trying to say more effective.

I was able to find a clear focus into my analysis based on my emotional response to film, I found this to be the most effective to gaining the understanding that the filmmaker was trying to convey. This also led to more discussion with my peers as a result.

Week 4 – Blade Runner (1982)

This was the first of the films that I had seen before this viewing, but I had never truly analysed. While watching, I was able to really find interesting ideas spread throughout the film through music, characters and story that I commented on and discussed with people.

I was also finding extending off initial thoughts by replying to myself a great way to understand more about what the film is trying to provoke.

Week 5 – Minority Report (2002).

This was the film I enjoyed the most, it was extremely engaging in it’s story that analysing it live was a challenge.

However, I was able to find parts in dialogue and the story that I could connect to the overall message the film was trying to express here.

I am finding my live tweeting to be improving as I understand the content of the course better and using the content of the film to show me perspectives on future cultures that we are entering into.

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