Commenting on Digital Artefact Pitches – Part One.

When reading a blog, it is very much a one-sided discussion. It is great that when seeing peers also creating a digital artefact, as it not only encourages your progress on your own, but it makes you want to reach out and engage with it. These comments on these blogs are not entirely thorough, however I did try to compliment with my emotional investment as a reader. Hopefully that can give a different time of insight into how an audience that isn’t their target audience will interpret their work.

Taylor’s pitch covers a very interesting topic at the moment – AI. With the benefits and the risks being researched and theorised constantly, it will be very interesting to see someone talk about it in video format. I encouraged her to talk about the past and how AI was perceived and then reflect on the present and future, and how it will, and can affect us.

Emma’s topic is something I didn’t know we needed until now. In a world where a new generation is learning, developing and understanding more, the need for open discussion, especially from women is really important. There are definitely people looking into the future of sex and also women discussing it in a podcast format, however it will be great to see two young women normalise something that can so easily lead to judgement, confusion and embarrassment if it isn’t spoken about publicly.

Nicole’s pitch is for a project with an excellent look into the future of fashion. There are lots of credible resources in the media about this from Bazaar and Vogue which are all with people who are in the fashion industry, so there is a lot of material to adapt and use in her video essays. I was very impressed by her delivery in her pitch video and think she will do great here.

Mitch’s topic is the one that I connect to the most here, as I am heading down the path of podcasting in my digital artefact. The past year has been massive for the format, which has been around for over a decade. Now, there are more creators and listeners, and lots of research into where it is going next. Mitch wasn’t sure about the format he was going to present this in, however I believe the best way for him to find out about podcasting, the best way is to try it out.

Make sure to look at these digital artefacts yourself and give your support.

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