Smash The Silence – DA Pitch.

My digital artefact for BCM325 is my new podcast, ‘Smash The Silence’. I have been coordinating this event for three years, and I know that the future of it needs to be accompanied by online content to help both artists, struggling youth and the general music consuming and information seeking public. This is forward-thinking in terms of the topic at hand, and the importance of sharing experience and craft. This will also really help me in terms of finding jobs where I am continue to help two things I’m passionate about – music and mental health.


  1. First and foremost I want to say that I think that Smash the Silence is a brilliant event that you have been running that would be very beneficial to the community, so thank you for that.

    Secondly, I think that the internet is a place that many people turn to for comfort, for a sense of community, education, support, acceptance, help, answers and resources. This is oftentimes done with topics or situations that they don’t feel like can be discussed with people at home, such as lgbt related issues, sex education, mental health issues etc. For example, Reddit threads:,,, Facebook support groups, Youtube videos, and professional resources:,,

    The fact that you’re doing it as a podcast rather than as a livestream event or radio channel I would suggest considering having different episodes for different topics/areas of mental health. Perhaps you could even add q&a section as well as your guest speakers.

    Furthermore, when putting your event into a podcast medium it could potentially be interesting to narrate the stories alongside the speakers. That might sound odd, but take a look at the podcast ‘Terrible, thanks for asking’ to understand what I mean

    I think the most difficult part would be reaching your intended audience. I think that once you reach your content with your audience that this will be really beneficial and appreciated and will take off. I would recommend posting your podcast to some of those Reddit links that I posted above (and others that correlate with other specific issues that you cover), Facebook support groups, and I would also try and share it with people who regularly go to your live event.

    Good luck with it all, it sounds like a great endeavour!


  2. This is great. Adding a new layer to something you are already doing shows growth, especially to tackle the topic of mental health.
    For the podcasts, how long and how often will you be uploading them? / how will your audience find you?
    Would you be able to have local artists come on to your podcasts to talk about their experiences with this important topic? – this would be great
    Mental health is very important to talk about so you will be helping people find their voice.
    I like how you’ve chosen something to do that you can add to your work portfolio to help you in the future
    here is an article on how to bring up the conversation of mental health


  3. Hey Isaac,

    I’m super excited about your DA. I love that you’re taking something you’re passionate about and creating an online platform for it. Your pitch clearly explained your concept and your 3 key areas to be addressed. Your decision to create a podcast is a really suitable choice for your DA and it’s great it will continue to develop your skills in that area.

    One way you could have improved your pitch overall is by using the remaining 1 minute of your time limit you had to further go in depth and explain your concept, shared any sources you had already found in your research and perhaps provided a schedule for how you will go about creating your DA over the semester.

    In doing research I came across a panel discussion on the future of music consumption which could be an interesting source for you. It was said that “the changing distribution landscape will see the music consumer even more powerful than ever”.

    Another article which might be useful as background research is one I found on ‘Technology and the future of mental health’

    Good luck with your progress! 🙂


  4. This is an exciting DA! similar to my digital artefact I am also doing music-based podcast. I like how your podcast is not only about music, but mental health and I look forward to hearing the topics you speak about. Mental health is one of the topics I am hoping to explore, more specifically whether music preference can indicate the mental health status of young people.
    In preparation I’ve been closely reading Felicity Baker and William Bor’s Journal about the topic. Although The results weren’t conclusive there was a many thing to explore such as lyrics having a significant role in reflecting a range of personal adolescent issues including identity, dependence-independence, separateness-connectedness, values, and perception of the self. The Journal goes into more depth exploring the topic of self-harm, antisocial behaviour and drugs use.
    I’ve also linked an article written by the black dog institute that explore what mental health will look like in the future, raising an excellent question: how do we help humans develop a therapeutic relationship with artificial intelligence? Technology seems to be the way forward with the article explain that man machine will meet the future of metal health “hand-in-hand”.
    The events you hold would be very interesting to hear more about in the podcast and as BCM325 is about future cultures I would love to hear your prediction of not just music but also the role it’ll play in the mental health debate. I’d appreciate a collaboration; I believe you could offer a new perspective and a deeper insight on the topic, I look forward to listening to your podcast!


  5. Hi Isaac,
    This event that you have been running sounds amazing! I think that expanding it to online spaces, via podcasting, will be extremely effective. Especially because of the growth of podcasting over the last few years with youth and young people.
    Due to the methodology of your DA being based on researching the future of how music and education will be consumed, Week 6’s topic on ‘futurists’ may be of interest to you. In this lecture the concept of a futurist needing to ‘do’ as well as ‘imagine,’ fits in well with how you will be researching ideas, making podcasts, and also planning your events (mostly) simultaneously.
    As you’ve probably seen recently, due to the coronavirus, artists have begun conducting ‘online concerts.’ Many predict this may be a consistent medium for the music industry going forward. This adaption could shape a new way of delivering your events in the coming years. Best of luck with your project! 🙂


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