FIFA 10: A decade later.

EA and their infamous ‘FIFA’ football/soccer franchise is huge worldwide, with millions of copies selling out every year on almost every device available, including mobile, PC, Playstation, Nintendo Switch and more. The first FIFA game was released in 1993 with “FIFA International Soccer” for the Sega Genesis. Ever since, EA has been at the forefront of creating powerfully commerced games with massive reach and demand due to the game and it’s connection to real world football. The sport has infamous leagues in various countries such as the Champions League, Europa League, Premier League, La Liga and Ligue 1 for examples. As games and famous players take the limelight of sports headlines, young to older fans want to interact with the sport on a new level – being able to control every aspect of the team they adore.

I have a Playstation 2. At its time, it was a gaming masterpiece, what I would call Sony’s magnum opus. One of the last FIFA games to be released on the console was FIFA 10, as the Playstation 3 had been on the market for a few years and the demand of the console, games and upgrades had slowed down. The game definitely had upgrades from the previous games prior. The ability to play any team in any country, including national teams, the ability to have a ‘career mode’, following the life of a manager, and even exchange your favourite players to your real life favourite team is exciting for any football fan.

Obviously, now with the most current release, FIFA 20, a commercial success as the annual game is every year, similarities with playing against your favourite teams with the updated rosters is there, and the career mode is there, with both a player and manager story arch available. But it is the features of ‘FIFA Ultimate Team’ that has become an addicting online format for the game that revolutionised how fans can interact with the game – building a team with chance. Opening FIFA ‘packs’ gains you access to random players, with specific stats and rankings that fans will want the highest rated to be the best against their friends. Looking back on FIFA 10, this is just non-comparable. The ability to play online with friends or randoms over the internet, against their customised teams is a new level of game interaction. FIFA 10 requires face-to-face, 1 vs. 1, or you play against the game itself.

I found it really interesting looking back at FIFA 10. FIFA will always have its critics, however, EA revolutionised ‘sport gaming’. They are now a giant power in the gaming commerce, with sales steady annually for the latest issue. A decade later, there has been a lot of changes, however the experience of turning what is such a well loved sport, into any fans imagination is a powerful tool, which all started back in 1993. Here’s to another decade.

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