The Needle Drop – Innovative Music Journalism.

Innovation is the only way for us to progress in the modern world.

Every person alive is a consumer to information, whether it is given to us through word of mouth, communication devices or written word. To keep communication effective and progress it alongside the importance for journalism to the people, the way stories need to be influenced by new formats. To find the best way to communicate in the abyss of options to tell a story,

An example that I’ve found interesting is “The Needle Drop” – a YouTube channel run by Anthony Fantano from Connecticut, USA, who reviews new albums and discusses controversial music topics and news that is happening in the modern world. The format is simple but effective – a green screen image in the background and his opinion on certain music. However, it is the interaction with online communities and engagement with the fans that makes this format of music reviewing so innovative.

A review is an opinion, which can be influenced by the individual’s beliefs, taste, upbringing and place in the modern world. As Fantano expresses his own opinions, he allows discussion and conversation with his supporters through his Twitter, Reddit and comment section of his videos, and interacts with their opinions there. This allows the story and the news to be forever expanding as new music releases.

A common discussion on the channel is American rapper, Kanye West. Known as being a very influential celebrity with what is perceived as interesting behaviour, Fantano has been able to interact with his following with West’s career. It started with a review of “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” – many believing was his greatest work. However, Fantano’s opinion differed, allowing for discussion.

This has continued to the present day and has seen Fantano review many of West’s bodies of work and discuss the context of the art and the person. News would often say what an album is, or even discuss interesting details of events in a celebrities life – however, the separation of the person and the art isn’t often discussed on the same forum, which is an innovative way to critique the modern world and it’s news.

Fantano’s channel has now 1.6+ million subscribers and has been now taken as a valid source of music criticism. The “Let’s Argue” videos he does are also great ways to seeking an opinion and interacting with news stories. People may get their information and opinion else where, and it is discussed through Fantano’s video in a simple format – very personal, filmed on a webcam with little to no edits to the words spoken.

News and stories can be shared on a global scale, however it is when the audience can interact with the content that it becomes transcendent of what journalism has been before. The video format has been around for years, however now to access any news and opinion ever shared in one space, including this channel from its inception in 2007 to now is a database of news and opinion that can be still interacted with today.

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