Growing your following on Instagram – The second step.

With my Instagram account, I have seen growth in the following since incorporating certain techniques to advance my initial idea of the poetry account. To recap, I picked poetry which is something I’m very passionate about and I knew it would be something I would be happy to post and share it.

It started with simple ideating and a proven work flow that had been developed – however, I needed to start prototyping ideas and seeing if there were ways to make the account have more appeal.

I started with writing three poems, all titled differently – heart, soul and mind to see what type of poetry people are into.

The change in the making process – breaking to try and engage audience with content.

I also welcomed this with some prototyping of a new format – as I noticed my following was increasing, however my engagement was dropping.

So in the making process, I had to break my initial look and aesthetic with Times New Roman style writing and less imagery, as well as these certain topics.

6A1F1011-A185-49E0-BE99-E1CD9B1D1926 2.jpg

I found the ‘Heart’ poem got the most likes, and my poetry has been more focused on that topic. In addition, it got significantly more likes than my previous content.

E1AE01E7-EB5F-46E1-A26D-A0928336B41E 2.jpg
The difference in the likes in the change of format.

If you can have an ability to find an aesthetic that works with your creative process and your audience’s interest, your content will flourish in quality, and will be full of interest in the nervous system of the internet.

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    Hey Issac,

    I thoroughly enjoyed the concept of your digital artefact and think that it’s amazing that you’ve managed to incorporate important issues and topics with something you’re passionate about.

    I love that you have broken and developed your aesthetic through the use and introduction of new fonts.

    I couldn’t help but notice the drawings featured on your Instagram about @issacpercypoetry. They’re incredible, as a design student, I thoroughly enjoyed the aesthetic quality of hand-drawn digital imagery.

    I think you’ve done an incredible job with your digital artefact thus far and taken upon concepts from Kate Bunnell’s 2004 ‘Craft and Digital Technology’ emphasising the relationship between function, aesthetics and personalised production.

    As a BCM114 student myself, I have chosen to complete a digital artefact on mental health awareness and creating change. Feel free to check it out for any inspiration. Also if you’re interested I’d love to feature some of your poetry on my channel, especially your poems in relation to mental health.

    So excited to see your DA further grow and develop! Great work!

    Best Regards, Brittney.


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