Becoming an Instagram content creator – The first step.

I’ve been a writer subconsciously for as long as I can remember. It also partners well with my aspirations that I always get from being a dreamer. I’m always coming up with ideas in my head of things that I want to do and achieve – and this changes rapidly. I need stability, so I can focus all my attention into one thing and make it a project that is of significance and artistic purpose to me.

Last semester at uni, I created an Instagram account called @isaacpercypoetry where I post poems that I have written about things in my life. I have used apps and lots of trial and error to achieve an aesthetic that is clean, easy to recreate and to keep updated.

The front page of my Instagram so far. It has come a long way since February.

I have decided to really expand it this semester and get some real growth. The poetry is something I really enjoy, but I want to expand into more forms such as music and film as well. I have considered other accounts that will link with this one, or just grow the one – however, that will create a cluttered and mixed aesthetic that may not interest my readership.

At the time of writing this, I am only creating poetry content, however once I believe it is at a stable production/interest rate, I will start to bring other artistic styles I’m interested in. 

Showing how the rows are linked in a certain theme based on the type of poetry and the content. The drawings also compliment the style.

I feel like my work is a blend of two groups – commonly known as male and female. However, it’s certain interesting aspects of them that I feel like will make them more inclined to check out my content…

zzpkate-jpg.png okijfzqppln6arudg-d5y3kkfpy27ybudxtnlgtbdnu.png


Just looking at these two collections of meme ideas really interests me. Why do I feel inclined that these are the groups that would enjoy what I’m currently doing – and what’s to say that they will change over time with different styles of content? I don’t particularly see myself fitting much in both of these groups (except the male fashion, that’s definite), but I know that my content and vision is appealing to these audiences?


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    Hello Isaac and thank you for sharing your ambitious goal to grow your Instagram through your interest and love of poetry. Your vision of overseeing your work develop more within your audience is possible as your idea is clear and to the point. Your concept of growth is similar to that of my DA as I’m developing a YouTube channel. So to grow a following I have to think about the aesthetic of my logo for example or the content that I am presenting to my viewer(s), and I have to understand my demographic/niche which is gamers. I think you can grow exposure to your account by utilising hashtags which can aid your work as there are (of course) words or short sentences which have a following within a hashtag, this could generate a greater audience and or niche for you, examples of hashtags you could utilise is #instapoetry or #instagrampoetry. Another way of gaining exposure to your Instagram would be to look at your form within writing, as the best way to keep attention with your audience would be to keep your poems short. Furthermore, you could experiment with different colours and backgrounds within your account content as this can bring engagement as picturesque settings with typography, which engage Instagramers more, than white hues and or transparent images with text.


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    I think it will be interesting to see how you incorporate film and music. With your background in song writing, adding music to each of your poems and posting them in video form could really help provide an extra layer to your Instagram. Within your music could be a particular message or feeling that you’re aiming to convey through the text. This would be a way of framing your poetry so it’s interpreted in a particular way by your audience. In the same way, I frame my YouTube channel so it fits with the typical YouTube audience, so the content is engaging for people that normally roam the platform. People may like your poetry at face value, but the extra depth you’d get from having them in video form with bits of film and music involved, like you mention, may really make it stand out. A slow transition into these kinds of posts may turn out to be really effective in increasing engagement. Branch into new ideas and see where it goes, maybe even test them on a new account if you’d like to maintain the aesthetic.


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