Working from anywhere. Is it the future?

With this global connection network being about to interact and share instantly over this nervous system that is the internet, is it possible to transfer something of value and purpose over the internet in replacement or conjunction of physical labour?

With all the information in a free flow, there has to be a labour process in place that organises and helps steady access to all of the information that is accessed online. It is almost like an economy of information is now accessible.

Corporations are making billions in revenue and the size they take up in the market is huge. Companies are making massive amounts of money by the amount of creative content that they own, and the desire for consumption from the general public is growing larger by the day.

Working remotely with an internet connection and whatever website or program you need is becoming easier and less costly for anyone to be able to achieve. The internet is full of creators and creations – is the ultimate goal for larger than life companies to own as much information equity as possible?

Working online is no doubt become a staple part of everyday business, but does it have the potential to become the only way we work?

Possibly. If we can ever find the perfect balance.

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