The rules of cyberspace.

Who defines the protocol that we are meant to follow when we interact with each other online?

In an open internet with no limitations in terms of content, who creates the rules and ethics between everyone in how you are supposed to interact? As established in my previous blog, we are all connected through devices and a series of transmissions running between each other, so similar to the nervous system within our own bodies – like a global nervous system.

If the nerves are the devices we are using for our connections between one another, what is stopping anyone from making a dangerous decision? Computers are used as highly centralized data processing units, that transfer information. However, what it accesses now is more of this social creation than a technical one full of academic sources – anyone can connect, post and share. It’s a constant flow of information, that grows every second.

People have fought for the right to have more control of the content they access and can post, while others fight for more censorship and a more centralised network between all people with access to this massive nervous system. Movements like cyberpunk and cyber-liberty have caused challenges against ISP’s and government systems, trying to make each individual that has a connection to the network able to broadcast to the entire world, all are created equal.

It’s the people who are able to make the rules in the social creation that is the worldwide web.


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