The nervous system of the world.

The internet – isn’t this visible connected lines, but still has the power to connect and spread ideas virally in a never more connected world. We are all connected through devices and a series of transmissions running between each other, so similar to the nervous system within our own bodies.

The central hub is the brain – the decision maker, the storer of all the knowledge that is gained through our lifespan. It learnt how to let us crawl, then walk, then jump and then run. We have gained this over time through trial and error. The internet has unlimited and infinite amounts of stored information – all man-made. Anyone can contribute and anyone can make it expand and grow.

This information is instantly transmitted, just like how the brain sends signals to parts of the body. The way information can travel now in comparison to past forms of transferring it (mail, morse code, etc.) has only become quicker, cheaper and more normal.

A thought I have is the nervous system may work really well now, but what will happen over time when it starts to be affected? How long can this network stay useful and reliable? With ideas coming from anyone with a connection through their device, what stops anything that shouldn’t be there? What is the internet’s consciousness?

Perhaps the idea of the world having it’s strong and ever-growing nervous system starts more questions rather than giving answers.

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