Framing – Is it manipulation, or honest fandom?

Next time you read a publication post an article online, it is interesting to see how it is composed – in lots of cases, especially large media corporations, a certain angle has been taken. It may not be intentional, it could be an opinion piece like a review, however framing is a very important way of crafting any material that is spread online.

Instagram has become one of the largest sources of media around, having people as far as celebrities to your next door 50 year old neighbour – anyone can post, anyone can join. However, based on what you post, everyone’s audience can perceive what they want you to see.

Your profile is encouraged to be a reflection of you. Your audience can be just a group of mates, or it could be a lot of strangers, interested in your content or your life. But when you decide to create, you have the power to make the audience see what you want them to see – is it manipulation? Or are you achieving an honest fandom with your content?

Regardless, anyone has the ability create their own aesthetic and make their content consumer friendly (depending on who you or they define their consumers being).

Maybe apply this to your feed? Try and see what you can do with your Instagram layout, and see if a heightened interest arises? You get to decide what they see – maybe think about what you don’t want them to see, and think about what the often-coined ‘media influencers’ might cut out of theirs too?

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