The STACK – how social media and technology create an eco-system.

The STACK – when I hear those words, I instantly think of a really big, juicy, succulent burger. One that would make your mouth water for. But, observing a burger, each layer adds to it’s overall flavour – taking away elements makes it a very different tasting experience.

Let’s look at how a burger can be connected to the convergence of technologies to create the ultimate user experience.

  1. The base bun – this would be the mobile device. iPhone, Android – doesn’t matter. However, that is a choice the consumer must make, and will add to a customisable experience.
  2. The beef – this would be the software the mobile device runs. This is totally up to the person on which to choose, and will be based on their user experience as well.
  3. The cheese, tomato and lettuce – this is a few layers in one. This would include app developers, and software to make those – which ultimately leads to the place in which users can access app content on their device, which runs on the mobiles software,
  4. The top bun – and this is the app itself. It has been designed to work on the software which is on the mobile and chosen by the user to actually use.

This connection and essentialism for each layer to create the overall taste is important in user experience. How does my Instagram stack above look to you?


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