Content Cop – Controlling and monitoring the M E M E S.

With content coming from ALL sorts of directions and the introduction of remix culture, appropriation from various sources happens to create something new, exciting – and possibly, harmful to their creator.

Memes are EVERYWHERE. I’m sure anyone with a heartbeat and an internet connection has come across a meme of some sort, all carrying a message that may be humorous for its irony or satire on the world around us. But can these memes be copyrighted? Can they be breaking the law?

Copyright has been around for centuries – having protection of your material can be vital in ensuring that your craft is protected, safe and not able to be duplicated for someone’s benefit, and your loss.

In the world of the internet, where things are made at a rapid rate – is copyright really an issue anymore? Does it stop creators from creating what they feel like? Industries such as film and television may want to protect the material they release, however a Twitter live feed could be completely making several memes and material based on their passion for this entertainment by remixing it, and making memes…

Is this breaking copyright and intruding on property that is someone’s rightful owner? Or should making these memes be encouraged?

The people have really never had this much power.

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