Is everything made to be remixed?

With anyone able to access the internet and its endless amount of resources, there is a free space for anyone who creates in any capacity to post it online. With the introduction of remix culture evolving in art and music, the internet has developed its own.

People can take what someone else has done and completely flip it to make it their own. When learning about this, I took some time to think about people can actually collaborate and interact through this remix culture, and tried it myself.

Music producers over the past few decades have sampled and reworked other compositions to make their own. I took inspiration from a mysterious Instagram page named @shilohdynasty , took one of their videos and reworked it to make something completely new. I took inspiration from lo-fi hip-hop, and worked it with the acoustic style of the original video. I hope you enjoy, and like perspective into remix culture.

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    Great explanation of remix culture and how anyone has the capability to create and share anything they want, the only thing I would mention is the fact that this could also be used as propaganda. Other than that, great job, and I love the Soundcloud remix!!


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