Can ANYONE be a journalist?

Journalism in the past 20 years has evolved, in the way it is found and reported on. The conventional way of having a journalist do extensive research into a scoop that is newsworthy has been squashed by the ability of anyone with a connection to the internet can report on something, and possibly with more urgency than the mega media news sources…

With social media and this ever-growing network, people can connect and message instantly worldwide – if an event occurs, live in the moment, a person or many surrounding that event can report their own perspective instantly. People taking photos on Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. People writing updates with hashtags and videos/streams of footage captured of a monumental event… the world has never been so connected with the present.

Journalism has been discussed for decades – as far as ethics, laws, responsibilities to the public – however, with the public able to connect so quickly to the world around them…

Is it possible for the public to be the most reliable news source out there?

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