Unrequited love.

It’s hard loving someone who doesn’t love you back.

I think it can be the most difficult thing to do. You see this person. Boy, girl, doesn’t matter. They just consume you, without even trying. You can’t stop thinking about how they make you feel, and how it’s so different to normal. It’s this light feeling. Deep in the stomach but close enough to your chest. It’s not a sick, but it’s adrenaline in a heavy dose in that one spot. You never want to stop looking at them – but looking into their eyes makes you feel so introverted and blemished.

You go home, and you just think about them non-stop. Scenarios of perfect moments run through your mind. Whether they have happened before or not, it hurts just as bad. God, you would be so good to them – give them everything they wanted. You would just be the best version of you. They make your days brighter now; imagine if they were yours.

But, you see them love someone else. You watch as they find better, or sometimes worse. Either way, it hurts just as bad. You see them as everything. To them, you’re not. You have tried everything, but not enough. It’s not your fault, however how do you not blame yourself? You watch them get hurt, you watch them fall – you would catch them no matter what. If they turned back and said they wanted you, no hesitation would even cross your mind.

You look at them, and everything is flawless. You can’t be mad. You may wish they felt the same way about you – they are everything you’ve ever wanted or needed. They may or may not know this love you have, it still hurts… but you can’t force love. Yours came naturally; it has shaken you to the core of everything you know about love.

All you want is to be in love, together.

Sure, everything happens for a reason? We love the wrong person sometimes, and so will they. It might be you, it may never be you. You might be the one they fall in love with, you might be someone that was a speck of dust in their universe. Whatever happens, never give up on yourself. Know your worth and know that your love will be cherished. It will be given to the most incredible, perfect person you’ve ever met, and it won’t die easily. It’s patient.

You want them. Not just for sex, not just ‘because’, and not for attention. You are who you’re with, and this person who you love makes you into the person you want to be. If they don’t, it’s not love, it’s lust. If they truly make you a better person, give it your all. If they don’t love you the same way, respect that. You do not own them, relationship or not. Let them be the beautiful person you know they are.

Don’t waste your precious love on toxic people. Love this person from a distance by being the good person they make you become when you think of them. If you see them being hurt by toxic people, be there. Give your love in whatever capacity you can. A relationship would be perfect, but now, in this moment, be a reflection of the beauty you see in them.

Be the person he or she falls in love with in your imagination – be you. Patience, then you’ll find the requited love you deserve.

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  1. Be the best person you can be! The toxicity of a relationships that consumes a person and fills them with a negative and repulsive energy is not only disturbing to your core essence, it taints the capacity of the love of the non toxic people in your life! Good old fashioned honesty and love reign supreme!


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